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The following professions require BLS for Healthcare Providers: 

  • Nurse

  • Physician 

  • Hospital Tech

  • EMT

  • Paramedic

  • X-Ray Tech (Radiologist Tech)

  • Dentist

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Dental Assistant

  • Respiratory Therapist and any other In-Hospital provider that deals with direct patient care. 

Basic Life Support (BLS)



Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider is an American Heart Association (AHA) course can be taken online or in the classroom. Our classes are located in Albuquerque, NM. Group training is held at our classroom or at your facility. 

Renewal  $40

Recertification classes are quick, painless and the cheapest in Albuquerque. American Heart (AHA) allows a 1 month grace period between certifications. Bring your current card to class. Acceptable cards from AHA, ASHI, ARC, NSC.  BLS online courses are not acceptable for renewal.  See the schedule for BLS renewal courses. ​

Traditional Certification (Recommended) $55

This in-class course prepares the professional healthcare provider to respond to cardiac and respiratory emergencies. Course includes CPR in Adults, Children, Infants, AED (Defibrillators), 2-Person CPR, Bag Valve Mask assisted respirations. 


Online Class Available (total cost $68.50)

  • Take the online portion at the American Heart Association website (They charge you $28.50).  Print out a copy of your online certificate for your Skills Test-Out Session. When signing up make sure you click on "BLS for Healthcare Providers Online part 1". (AHA eLearning)

  • When you are done, call us (505) 573-7156 and we will schedule a Skills Test-Out session (Our cost is $40.00). 

1-on-1 Courses $200 

Need your card now? Can't wait to take a course? One on One courses are available for 200$. Call to schedule. (505) 573-7156

Frequently asked questions for BLS for Healthcare Providers: 

  • Is BLS the same as CPR?

    • Yes and No. BLS is a high standard of CPR training put on by the American Heart ​Association that is specific for those who work in the healthcare field. It includes the use of bag valve mask ventilations, pulse checks, defibrillation and airway management. These skills are not generally taught in a public CPR class. 

  • Is BLS first aid? 

    • First Aid is not taught in the BLS class.​

  • Is BLS a professional certification?

    • Yes! The American Heart Association issues a professional card which can be used anywhere in the United States. ​

  • Is online certification legit? 

    • If the class is taught 100% online: No. You need at least a skills testing. American​ Heart does not authorize any training center that is 100% online. 

  • Is BLS included in ACLS?

    • Generally, no. Most ACLS classes will require a valid BLS card and has a BLS test out during the class, however, BLS is not included in the class. ​

  • Does BLS expire? 

    • Yes, every 2 years​

  • Does BLS count as CEU?

    • Yes it does. How much depends on your state and licensure. ​

Refund Policy:  If you are unable to attend your registered class, a 24-hour written notice (emailed to albcprman@yahoo.com) is required for BLS, HSFA, HS AED and First Aid Classes.  For ACLS and PALS, a 7-day written notice is required (emailed to albcprman@yahoo.com) and a $25 fee may apply.  Refunds/rescheduling will not be given if you register for the wrong class or do not show up for class.  If you are not sure which class you need, please call 505-573-7156.

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